Directions for Collectors of American Basketry


The following instructions are published for the great number of persons who are interested in the collection and preservation of American basketry. Besides the aesthetic elements involved and the pride of saving the best examples of a rapidly vanishing industry, there is a vast deal of culture stud}^ which ought not to be neglected.

In every collection, public or private, there are opportunities for special investigation that should not be in the possession of only a single individual. If all who are gathering baskets would preserve such information as they are able to obtain, the bringing together of the results of all this study would be a monument to our American aborigines. The perfect understanding of a basket involves a knowledge of the following subjects:

I.Materials - Natural and prepared
1. List of plants, animals, minerals, etc. 2. Indian name,giving the tribe 3. Commonname 4. Scientific name

Collection: AFRI Food Security.