A Field Guide to the Tanoak and the Douglas-fir Plant Associations In Northwestern California


The information in this Guide covers the entire Six Rivers NF and the western portion of the Klamath NF in Northwestern California (Figure A 1). This area includes the Gasquet, Orleans, Lower Trinity and Mad River Ranger Districts on the Six Rivers NF and parts of the Ukonom and Happy Camp Ranger Districts on the Klamath NF According to the National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units (Bailey et al 1994) this area is in the Mediterranean Regime Mountains division of the Humid Temperate Domain within the Pacific Southwest Region. This area is also part of two sections and a variety of subsections of the National Hierarchical framework The two sections are the Klamath Mountains section and the Northern California Coast Ranges section The subsections within the Klamath Mountains section include the Western Jurassic, Gasquet Mountain Ultramafics, Siskiyou Mountains, Pelletreau Ridge, Rattlesnake Creek and lower Salmon Mountains The Northern California Coast Ranges section includes the northern quarter of the Eastern Franciscan and the Central Franciscan subsections The northern boundary of the Guide is the Caiifornia/Oregon border and the boundaries of the Six Rivers and Klamath NF Within the Klamath NF, the eastern boundary of the Guide follows the eastern range of tanoak. This boundary roughly follows along Thompson Creek n the north, through lower elevation sites along the Klamath and Salmon Rivers and over Whiteys Peak into the Lower Trinity Ranger District on Six Rivers NF. The eastern boundary with n Six Rivers NF is the Forest boundary The western boundary of the Guide sthe western boundary of the Klamath Mountains and Northern California Coast Ranges section as well as the boundary of Six Rivers NF.

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