Fire Regimes, Fire History and Forest Conditions in the Klamath-Siskiyou Region: An Overview and Synthesis of Knowledge


This report compiles and synthesizes currently available information relating to the historic and contemporary role of fire in forest ecosystems of the Klamath Mountains. The primary objectives in conducting this synthesis are to: 1) provide the scientific foundation for developing ecologically-based fire and forest management plans, 2) evaluate the extent to which fire regimes in the region have been altered as a result of human activities since Euro-American settlement, and 3) identify existing levels of uncertainty and limits to our understanding of the ecological role of fire in this region.Provenance: Contributed to Sipnuuk Food Security Collection by Arielle Halpern, doctoral student in the Department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley, in association with research for her dissertation-in-progress: Effects of Prescribed Fire on Tanoak Associated Plant Assemblages and Karuk Cultural Use Species