Orleans Community Fuels Reduction and Forest Health Project Tribal Forest Protection Act Proposal


Fire management and ecological stewardship in the Nations wildlands is an on-going concern to the American public and to the land management bureaus of the Department of the Interior and the Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, hereafter Agencies, as well as Tribal Governments. Considerable progress has been made in fire management planning, fire use, and fire suppression by all Agencies and continued progress can be achieved by concerted cooperation and coordination among the agencies with Tribes. Because fire, cultural resources, and ecological function recognize no boundaries, programs must lead to more productive cooperation and efficient local stewardship among the parties to this agreement.

Provenance: Contributed to Sipnuuk Food Security Collection by Jennifer Sowerwine, Assistant Cooperative Extention Specialist at UC Berkeley, in association with her role as PI of the USDA AFRI Food Security Grant.