Standards and Guidelines for Management of Habitat for Late-Successional and Old-Growth Forest Related Species Within the Range of the Northern Spotted Owl


This document is attached to and a part of the Record of Decision for Amendments to Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Planning Documents Within the Range of the Northern Spotted Owl, 1994. It presents a combination of land allocations managed primarily to protect and enhance habitat for late-successional and old-growth forest related species, and standards and guidelines for the management of the land allocations. Except as identified elsewhere in the Record of Decision or otherwise changed since the Final SEIS was released, these standards and guidelines are intended to be consistent with those of Alternative 9 in the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (February 1994).Provenance: Contributed to Sipnuuk Food Security Collection by Arielle Halpern, doctoral student in the Department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley, in association with research for her dissertation-in-progress: Effects of Prescribed Fire on Tanoak Associated Plant Assemblages and Karuk Cultural Use Species