Nanu'ávaha Fifth Grade Lesson 1: Hunting Rights and Rites


Lesson plans for Lesson 1 of the Fifth Grade curriculum. Students will learn about the Karuk traditional knowledge practices, spiritual beliefs,and the oral traditions associated with subsistence hunting. The differences in concept definitions between Native peoples and Euro-Americans will be touched upon within the framework of hunting rights. Additionally, students will increase their understanding of tribal ethics and process of socialization.

Provenance: Contributed to Sípnuuk by the Karuk Tribe Department of Natural Resource Food Security Program

Rights: Karuk Tribe

Cultural Narrative: 

Over an uninterrupted period of thousands of years, the Karuk people refined and developed their sophisticated land management practices. This was and remains true science: Native knowledge based on generations upon generations of experience with this land and their resources. The combination of ritual, spiritual and technical elements that sustained this ecosystem not only resulted in replenished food and fiber resources, it also served to consciously enhance and enrich the diversity of these systems.