The Women They Are Carrying Fire - Pa’asik`tavaansas Kuniktáamvunatih (2023)

Interviews with participants of First Karuk Women's Prescribed Fire Training Exchange (KWTREX)
Cultural Narrative: 

Film edited by- Bay laurel O'Connor

With special support from - Stormy Staats, Bruno Seraphin, Xatimniim Drake

Film Crew - Xatimniim Drake, Bruno Seraphin, Bay laurel O’Connor, Tiśina Parker, Stormy Staats, Rosie Williams, Annie Leverich, Michael Hentz, Alex Watts Tobin

Additional footage by - Stormy Staats (Courtesy of the Karuk Tribe)

Additional drone footage by - Mike Hentz (Courtesy of MKWC)

Special Thanks to all the Interviewees - Adrian Gilkison, Aja Conrad, Amanda Lang, Chanel Keller, Cutcha Risling-Baldy, Frankie Tripp, Herman Albers, Isha Goodwin, Jesse Kidd, Kylee Clubb, Lulu Alexander, Lisa Morehead-Hillman, Marlene’ Dusek, Maymi Preston-Donahue, Naomi Huddleston, Neva Gibbens, Vikki Preston, Sammi Jerry

Karuk language and translations provided by - Maymi Preston-Donahue

Songs provided and sung by - Maymi Preston-Donahue

No songs or any part of a song may be reproduced or sung without permission from its owner per cultural standards.

©The Karuk Tribe 2023